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SS18 FW Playlist

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

About month ago, around this same time. it was every fashion lover's favorite time of year: A lot of us were tuning into the shows, gawking over our favorite style icons who showed up, and falling in love with the newly released SS18 collections.

What was this holiday for fashion lovers across the world?

None other than the infamous, FASHION WEEK. From New York to Paris, we got to see it all. Globally this fashion phenomenon spans over the course of a few moths, at different times, and different places, but nonetheless the experience is amazing. From the shows, to the music, to the scenes, and to the runway sets, the collections for Summer/Spring 2018 quenched our thirsts and peaked our interests on the newest trends.

Fenty, Chanel, Monse, Saint Laurent, Versace, Off-White, Alexander Wang, are a few that peaked our interests, but the list doesn't stop there but as a young fashion designer, blogger, and full-time college student I couldn't dive into all of them. I've picked 5 of my favorites from both NYFW and PFW, handling each designers work with care - paying attention to the details, the materials, the patterns, and their uniqueness in their own ways. After diving into some research about inspirations, reviewing the shows, and really paying attention to tone of each collection, I decided to write a post surrounding some of my favorite looks from this seasons Ready-To-Wear collections, while also highlighting some designers people who didn't make it to the shows. Y'all know I couldn't leave out some rising icons in the process.

I present to you a few of my SS18FW faves!

Insert Apparel

Unfortunately Insert Apparel was not one of the collections released in New York or Paris for Fashion Week got to see in September. It should've though! This collection was released around the same time, I figured it would be great to expose fellow fashion lovers to a new and upcoming designer. My fashion week playlist would NOT be complete without adding this brand to my list of fashion week favorites. This collection was called, "No Justice," from Eneale Pickett, who is a rising designer who tasks his customers to "insert," themselves into his clothing - both literally and figuratively. His brand surrounds education and social activism, challenging people to insert themselves into conversations and thought processes they normally wouldn't be in. Eneale is someone I had the honor of interviewing a couple of weeks back, I am so excited to share that interview with you all soon. It's an exclusive interview, so I'm going to be giving you all the "tea," about who he is, and what he has going on. But one of the things I admired most about this collection was its call for action surrounding social activism and the issue of police brutality in America. His collection fits right into NYFW because it incorporates the daily lives of people. This work encapsulates a part of the American experience that is not widely expressed or seen through the fashion lens. I don't have to say much about this collection, it speaks volumes for itself, just take a look yourself. His work is truly inspiring, and even though it should've been at NYFW this season because of its message, I can definitely see it going there in the future. Remember to stay tuned, because I will be giving you an exclusive interview all about this revolutionary clothing line in the weeks to come.


The red, whites, and blues gave me a very patriotic aesthetic, reminding a lot of America. Which was what the designers were going for when designing this collection. Although neither designers were born in America the patriotic vibes connect with their optimism for this countries future, but also incorporates their love for America's fashion capital, New York City. Personally, I thought the reinvention of this collegiate or high school experience through fresh designs of varsity basketball jerseys, button up athletic pants, softball sock inspired shoes, and Monse's signature upside down varsity jacket well achieved the patriotic, nostalgic, yet optimist feel they were going for, it was genius! Fernando Garcia and Lauren Kim left me super pleased with this collection in every single way possible. I've been noticing a trend amongst a lot of the designers for their SS18 collections who are using traditional business wear (slacks and button ups - fabrics and designs) to reinvent their looks - granting them a sexy, empowering, chic, fashion forward, but still somewhat professional look. This collection was very unique, it was very Monse. Garcia said it himself, he wanted to give these pieces a "Monse twist," and I think it is achieved well. You don't have to know much about this designer, or fashion, in order to admit that these pieces are very special, one of a kind, but also very fashion forward.


Rihanna girl, stop playing with me. With this entire collection I was pleased. Rihanna is one of my fashion icons and I was absolutely in love with this collection. I came in with high expectations, and I mean why wouldn't you? It's Rihanna. But I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. The plum purples, the pale greens, the spring blue, the hot pink, I mean the colors were enough to have me hooked. It's sexy, it's spring, it's fashion, and more importantly it's Rihanna. There is a signature style here that can't be duplicated, in my opinion, because it comes in a very unique form. BadGalRiRi is never scared of a little danger. From the pink mountains that make up the runway atmosphere to the motorcycle she rode out on at the closing of her show this collection screams dangerous. Dangerous from the runway aesthetics to even the materials she chose for this collection. Scuba diving swim material for dresses? Color blocked motorcycle leather for tight fitting jackets and pants? Ziplining straps and buckles as detailed accents on garments? And raincoats that are equipped for even the worst of storms? BadGalRiRi did not come to play!

Ralph & Russo

Paris was NOT ready for Ralph & Russo's! Well I can't really say whether Paris was ready or not, I know that that his was one of my favorite collections released during Paris fashion week.. Tamara Ralph and Micheal Russo did wonders with the spring color palates used as their inspiration for this collection. In this collection they give us unique shapes, sexy silhouettes, blends of colors that mesh well together, leaving me in awe! Ralph & Russo is a company that designs for luxury audiences. Although this collection is a ready to wear collection, you can't afford it if you not making shmoney. The brand isn't just luxury, every garment gives off the same upscale, expensive look. The fabrics are rich in color, expensive in weight, and exude a sense of wealthiness. As a fashion designer, I expected the looks to be clean in the collection - and they were. Everything was well put together and there was a great aesthetic going. These two London designers have been dominating the Paris fashion market with a refreshing, chic, upper echelon, brand that screams "rich," in every way shape and form. I really admired the fact that this collection embodied everything the brand does - wealthy, sexy, and fashionable. They have developed a signature style, for an exclusively signature audience, and there is nothing out here like Ralph & Russo.

Saint Laurent

I didn't put each and every one of my favorite pieces from this collection on here for the sake of time, but can we talk about the dramatics and the details of Saint Laurent's SS18 Ready to Wear Collection that they released during Paris Fashion Week. First and foremost, the atmosphere was incredible. The night time Parisian lights against the bold colors of this collection, with the Eiffel Tower as the accent in the background was an aesthetic that deserves attention. The atmosphere of the show completed and complimented the entire collection. We get feathers, we get unique silhouettes, we get intricate details, we get dramatic boots and shimmery glitters, this collection was poppin' even in a lot of its "simplicity," that first catches the eye. The reason I say simplicity is because for a spring/summer collection the color palette can vary depending on the designer, target audience, and source of inspiration, but usually we see a lot of bright poppy colors. The details in these pieces are crazy! If you look closely at a lot of the garments you will notice how much attention, care, and focus you really have to give them. Yves Saint Laurent is more than just a Parisian fashion brand, it symbolizes the eroticism, chic, and liberal code. This collection states that in every bold, dramatic, and attention grabbing way imaginable.

I could talk about the designers, the atmospheres, and the little details all day long. This years SS18 collections really had me impressed and excited to see what is to come in the future seasons for these companies, along with other brands who are trying to make names for themselves. And more importantly has me inspired and excited about my goals as a designer. One day, I'll be going to the fashion week shows, covering them live, and not from the comfort of my college dorm room. One day, you'll see my clothing released during the fashion weeks, and some young blogger will be giving her or his opinion about my collection, my atmosphere, and my work as a designer. One day, one day soon, all of my dreams will becoming the realities they were meant to be so that I can do the work I was called to do. I didn't get around to all the designers I wanted to, or else we would be here for ages. And I don't want to keep you all reading for too long. So below is a gallery of some more of my favorite looks from the fashion week collections, fashion enthusiasts, and designers whose work has yet to make it to the widely recognized fashion weeks

Thanks so much for tuning into this post. I was so excited and so passionate about sharing my passions with you all! Hopefully I wasn't too long winded, or boring, even if your not interested in fashion. I want to task you to do something for me as I close out this post. Reflect on what your passions are. Reflect on your the things that you love, what you have the most interest in, do some research on whats going on in that industry, and see how you can better prepare yourself to infiltrate into that industry. I'm praying for all of you as you go about your lives, that you can have a greater understanding of your purpose and your calling in this life. No matter if your young or old, its only too late if you never start living in your purpose. Don't take the time you have right now for granted, build the legacy you want for yourself.

P.S. Feel free to leave some comments below on the looks I've posted, or looks I haven't posted. I also want to get to know you all a little bit more. Tell me about your passions and the fields that you are interested in. Share the things that your doing with me!

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