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jessica clark a multi-talented creative, cultural curator, and social entrepreneur who has been blessed with a breadth of educational, cultural, and experiential learning encounters that have influenced her perspective on design, activism, scholarship, and creativity.


the textile and fashion designer graduated from the university of wisconsin-madison in 2020 and went on to pursue a master of arts in fashion studies from parsons the new shool in Paris, in 2022. in her thesis titled, discovering fashion ethos through the West African practice, Adinkra, she carves out a new term fashion ethos to de-center Eurocentric/Western narratives and "go back and fetch," Afro-diasporic ways of being -- exploring unconventional artifacts, histories, and contemporary (personal) artworks --  inserting them into the landscape of fashion academia. 


steeped in the arts since a young age, jessica is currently working to build a sustainable creative practice and lifestyle that serves the community, honors herself, and preserves Black fashion histories. she is eager to weave creativity into every area, to give her life a free-flowing creative voice. this visionary seeks to actively embrace the intersections between spirituality, fashion, and social justice, empowering others through all her ventures.

jessica was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago.

known as @Jthevisionaire_  on social media platforms, Jessica has been writing & creating independently (and collaboratively) since 2016. the visionaire experience has become a vehicle for truth-telling, vision casting, creative direction & consulting,  expression of critical thoughts through the lens of fashion, and sharing revelation from her own personal life. 

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