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How can I become a contributor? 

the visionaire experience has become a vehicle for truth-telling, vision casting, creative direction & consulting,  and expression of critical thoughts through the lens of fashion, culture, community, and personal revelations.


to become a contributor, you must stand out. we're preparing to start accepting submissions soon. if you're interested in submitting written work, email with the subject line "submission first name,last name.

What is fashion ethos

in her thesis titled, discovering fashion ethos through the West African practice, Adinkra, jessica carves out a new term fashion ethos to de-center Eurocentric/Western narratives and "go back and fetch," Afro-diasporic ways of being -- exploring unconventional artifacts, histories, and contemporary (personal) artworks --  inserting them into the landscape of fashion academia to build a blueprint that includes multiple fashion perspectives, histories, and realities. 

Does Jessica take custom projects?

at this time jessica is not accepting any custom garment projects. for creative direction or contractual brand development inquiries email with the subject line, "___ inquiry, first name, last name,". without the correct subject line, your email will be delayed drastically.

Why the name Imanee Lee?

imanee' - lee is jessica's middle name. imanee pulls from the Swahili word imani which means "faith,". lee is a family name, passed down to jessica from her great-grandmother Barbara Lee Carr. faith, culture, and ancestry are important pillars in jessica's business, practice, and life. imanee'-lee is a brand that strives to let the principle "faith in God and in our ancestry," guide the work we do. we believe that both are a compass reminding us of all we've overcome and all we've become in the process. it's our belief that victory is not simply because of who we are -- but because of whose we are. the cultural aesthetic aims to embody this principle through intention, concepr, design, and beyond.

What are the copyright policies?

Copyrights © belong to Jessica Clark [2023].  All rights reserved. All content, including text, images, graphics, audio, video, and other materials on this website, is the property of Jessica Clark unless otherwise stated or cited. All individual contributors are protected by copyright laws. The unauthorized use of any materials on this website may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws and is prohibited. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, or use any content from this website without the explicit written permission of Jessica as long as you credit her. For permissions or inquiries, please contact Jessica Clark (or the respective contributors) at

What are our goals?

To let faith fashion freedom.

To build a sustainable fashion house that cares about our products, programs, and patrons from seed-sale-to-end use.

To be in the community serving, supporting, and striving to encourage expansive visions/dreams.

To actively engage in initiatives and programming that consider our impact on people and the environments surrounding them. 

To be a resource of information, to position people in front of knowledge so they don't perish from a lack of it. 

To preserve our legacies, histories, and share our stories. 

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