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Mission Is-Possible!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Think of a brand you really like - this can include a celebrity you like and the image they have created for themselves, a clothing brand you've been rocking with for a long time, or even a company that just has exceptional and quality service.

You got it?

Now that you've got this brand or person in your head, start thinking of your reasoning behind why they want to make you keep buying from them, following them, or even their products. What is it that attracts you to them to begin with? Think of what they represent and stand for, and consider the layers of the brand itself.

Good, you done?

Finally think of the common thread between all of these things. In building a brand products are created under a certain name in order to fulfill a purpose. A brand, or branding, has the sole purpose of leaving its mark. Brand building requires companies to give a visualization of the work they hope to do - it ultimately serves as a sense of purpose. Everything the viewers see is a little taste of what is yet to come, it's the bait that gets people hooked on the brand itself. Often, as people who are not famous or running a brand or company, we forget that we too have brands to build. There are some questions I want you to think as your read through this post.

What image, name, or brand do you hope to create for yourself?

What long-lasting impression do you hope to leave behind you? What are you on this earth to do?

I want to challenge you to create your own personal mission and vision statement for yourself, the same way that any brand or company does. Take some time to just discover your purpose, for most of us this is not a realization that comes to us overnight. It's not something that comes in a dream or just magically pops into our heads. For a lot of us we begin to understand our purpose over a period of time as we continuously grow. No matter when you make this discovery, I want to assure you that it is a treasure worth finding, it is priceless, and once you have it, start putting in the work so you can live up to you fullest potential.

I wasn't always aware of my purpose. But after sitting down and really just learning more about myself I began to understand that creativity, social activism, and service were all three things that meant a lot to me. And I didn't even realize how important they were to me until I began to look at the messages in my art, my blog posts, my business plans, and the organizations (and programs) that I was involved in. After figuring out my passions, I began to think about how I wanted to incorporate those things into my career - which is another story, for another day. Long story short, I pretty much began to use my passions as my platforms, while also growing and improving upon myself - essentially, brand building. Building a brand isn't easy, it takes constant work, development, dedication, and passion. But because my brand is built off of things that I am passionate about it makes the process even more enjoyable. In building my brand I get to be myself, my genuine, loving, caring, artistic self, while also growing and developing into who I am to be - a creator destined to make change through her work.

In building a brand, you've got to figure out some core values that you stand by, your goals, and subgoals that go with them. Find out what matters to you, what are you passionate about, what are you naturally good at, what do you love to do. Answer those questions, and you will begin to uncover your purpose. If you know your purpose, great. Now my next question for you is are you doing what you need to do to fulfill that purpose? Are you putting in the ground work to see your dreams become a reality? Are you constantly working on yourself daily to improve on a personal and professional level? Where are you slacking? Answer some of those questions, and keep growing. No matter where you are in this journey, know that it is a constant growth process - growth never stops, there are always new heights to reach.

Ogochukwu Akamelu, a friend of mine at University of Wisconsin-Madison, is working to build and establish a strong brand that can compete in the business world. His gaming company, Games By Gogo, produces a series of fun games that provide players with an innovatively entertaining escape from the daily hassles of life. There's one game that is refreshing, challenging, and fun, called Iron Hopper that he he released a couple months ago - and because of his hard work, the intentionality in the moves he's been making he's gotten a lot of great feedback and support. Outside of the fun, the most admirable aspect is his passion for the products he is producing and the brand he is creating. He constantly strives to improve and grow the brand to ensure players with an enjoyable gaming experience. Of course I'm shouting him out, but I also I wanted to give an example of someone else doing great things. Another black person living their purpose, and putting in the work to leave behind a legacy. A brand is not only remembered for the exceptional service it provides, but also the work that it is doing to constantly improve and grow.

No matter the industry you are going into, or what place you are at in your life right now, it is important to always give your all and give your best. Quality work is apart of the legacy you leave behind - and quality applies to everything on a personal and professional level. Quality work and standards are the two of the main foundations that hold up a brand. Know what core values are important to you, understand the work you wish to complete, and put some action behind the goals you have. Everyday put your foot forward so that you are closer to achieving your dreams, even with any setbacks. Give your all in every game. Give your all in every relationship. Give your all in every studio session. Give your all in every idea. Give your all in every project. In everything, put your best foot forward and stop being afraid of what can happen when you do. Things will get hard, you will have some setbacks, you will get hurt, but get back up and remember that you have a purpose to fulfill, don't let anything stop you from being who you were called to be.

Do not live in fear, live with purpose!

Always remember that quality work yields high returns. And on that note, I want to end this post sharing with you that every mission is possible - it might just take more work, more effort, more fight, and a few failures just to get there. Don't give up just yet, you are right where you need to be.

Build that brand boo.

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