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Jamaican Me Crazy!

Wah guan!

About a month ago I vacationed in Montego Bay. And after really enjoying every bit of it, I can say that it has been one of the best places I have ever vacationed to. I love vacations because they give me some time to relax, time to reflect, and time to learn new things about myself and those around me. For me it's a personal and mental refresher. It's the best way for me to escape and take my mind off of the other things that are going on in life! Vacations are the best in so many ways, it gives everyone, no matter who they are, an opporunity to be carefree.

The moment I stepped off of the plane, I could smell the Jamaican breeze in the air. It smelled of palm trees and fresh fruit -- incredibly refreshing. As I breathed in the air, I made a vow that nothing would ruin this vacation. I figured that I traveled all that way just to soak up the sun, enjoy all the good vibes, and cool down in some island water, so I wasn't going to let anything or anyone get in the way of me enjoying it all. But sometimes enjoying a vacation is easier said than done.

When you're not vacationing by yourself, it's easy for distractions to come in and try to interrupt the good vibes coming your way. But tell those distractions, no no no I'm not having it! One thing you always have to remember is that your vacation acts as an escape, so escape. Getaway, clear your mind, and enjoy the breeze. And be at peace. So all in all, sometimes you gotta tell yourself "it's not worth my energy" and keep it pushing, because nothing should come in between you and your time for peace. Remaining positive is really important in ensuring your peace, without positivity it's hard to see the good in the bad.

I vacationed with my family, but it really wasn't too bad considering how some family vacations can be.

All of my cousins, myself included, have attitudes of our own, unique in their own ways. Some of us get irritated quickly, some of us impatient, others blunt, and some standoffish. Imagine all of those personalities mixed together for an entire week, of course a clash was bound to happen. At any moment, something could trigger it. But thankfully nothing big popped off. There were times when some had to walk away, keep quiet, say their share, but no full blown out fighting - which kept everyone at peace. We're humans we all have opinions and thoughts, but everyone has a different way of communicating and expressing them differently. It's apart of human nature, it's what we do. But we never let any of those things ruin all of the positive vibes on the trip. We all kept our own attitudes in check, and if we caught one we let them die out to keep the good vibes flowing! Sometimes you have to know when to let things roll off your shoulder, no matter how crazy things drive you. I've learned that not everything that gets you mad, irritates you, or anything like that, is worth your energy. Being able to see the good, even in the bad, grants you happiness - ensuring that you enjoy your happiness even when things are driving you insane.

For the most part, there was never a day where we didn't wake up with the sun shining. There was only one day where it rained off and on. It was incredibly hot, and sometimes heat can attract insanity. But it was an insanity I craved. I loved the sun on my skin, my melanin baking, browning, I loved soaking up that Jamaican sun. I craved staying out all day, staying up all night, dipping in the cool waters, and enjoying every new exploration. The tropical breeze never made the heat unbearable. And the swim up bar kept us cool with refreshing drinks and coolers to keep us cool. The atmosphere around me kept me at peace.

The first two days that we were there we really did just relax. But the next day we went on a tour. We got to see some historical sites, a school, the 7-mile beach, then we went cliff diving. Vacations are a time to try new things and enjoy every part of the experience! I am terrified of heights, but I took the risk and tried it. I wouldn't have known how fun it would've been though if I hadn't!

Tuesday we had another early day. Full of adventure! We went to another resort and went zip lining, drove ATV's, fed the baby chicks, and did a river ride. Got to make new friends, some new memories, and most of all enjoy it all.

Wednesday had going back home. But our flight was canceled because of a crew timeout, and we were got to stay in Jamaica another night. That was a blessing, because I really was dreading leaving such a beautiful place. The last night was pretty chill and relaxing, really just good time to wind down and enjoy the last day of my vacation.

At the end of the day, I loved every second. I would travel to Jamaica a thousand times over again. The people were great, the fruit was the freshest, and everything was amazing. My advice to any people are thinking about going on a vacation would be to just go, if you can, doesn't matter where, just enjoy it. The vacation doesn't necessarily have to be far, or too some tropical island, but a nice getaway, a break from the hassles of everyday life, is always well needed and deserved. So soak up every second!

One love Jamaica!

I hope to see you again soon.

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