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Every hustler has a playlist they put on to get them into grind mode! Whether it be some motivational quotes to get your mind right or your favorite song that sets the vibe. If you a real hustler, trust me... you've got something that gets you going - something that amplifies your drive and hypes you up. And if you don't have one, it's about time you get you one!

Sometimes to hustle, I have to put myself in a certain frame of mind. A mindset that eliminates all distractions, all fears, anything that's going to interrupt my grind. The music, the beats, the rhythms, the lyrics, and the sounds, help me to tune out any thoughts and focus on whatever work I need to get done. It's like having your own personal hype man right with you. And sometimes I just need some words of wisdom or motivational music to get me back on my game.

We don't always have people around to hype us up when it's crunch time. So sometimes you gotta be your own personal hype man. And for me music and words are the best ways to do it. So let me put y'all on game. I'm going to share with you some songs and quotes that keep me going when I'm trying to get in my grind mode and tell you why they made the list. You might find some things to add to your own list. Here's my hustle-list (Not ranked in any order).

  1. Tired (feat. Lil Bibby) by Lil Herb. No matter what's stressing me out, I have to keep pushing - I can NOT quit. I have an end goal, and no matter how tired I am, no matter how much sleep I'm losing, no matter what, it is all going to pay off in the end. No matter what's going on I have to make time for everything - and my grind should always come first. This track motivates me, reminding me that the sacrifices I am making are all going to pay off in the end. And even though I'm tired, I have to keep going. Bibby says, "If you want something you never had, you gotta do something you never did," make the necessary sacrifices to make your dreams come true.

  2. All I Do Is Win by Dj Khaled. We not taking no losses. Everything that happens in my life is happening for a reason. Good or bad, it's all molding and shaping me to become the woman I am meant to be, the woman I want to be. God wouldn't take you through nothing he didn't already bring you out of. So go in with a positive mindset, a mindset where you feel like you're always winning. Henry Ford said it best, "Failure is the only opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely." Take every opportunity as a learning opportunity to grow for the better.

  3. Way Up by YFN Lucci. On the road to success you're going to loose some of the people closest to you. Whether it be them passing on, finding their peace, or you both growing apart. There will be other losses on the way up, every champion had to take some losses just to get to the win. But you're still on the road to success. And that's something I try and never forget. Everything that's happening in my life is preparing me for to continue about this path to success. No matter what's going on, it's not going to stop me, I'm always on the way up!

  4. Me Against the World by 2pac. Sometimes you are on this journey alone. And even if you've got people in your corner, there will be some times when you feel like all you've got is you. The odds will be against you, but no matter if you're alone, or you've got an entire support system, you gotta keep it pushing. Have patience in the process, but stay persistent always ready to make progress. It's like Pac said: "Do for self, by yourself," if you want it bad enough, you have got to make it happen on your own - and sometimes that means you gotta do whatever it takes.

  5. Upgrade You by Beyonce. (This is really a song for the ladies, but the message applies to the fellas too.) Have confidence in yourself in every way, and walk in it. "Confidence is key!" There is a need for what you got to offer to this world, and don't you ever tell yourself otherwise. If it is for you, keep the confidence, faith, and trust that it is for you. Look, I know that what I've got to offer will change lives. This is not pride, cockiness, or arrogance, it is the finite confidence that God has instilled everything in me that makes me a force to be reckon with. What I've got to offer is priceless and can never be repealed, repeated, or replaced. The ideas I have are revolutionary, my love for what I do is unconditional, and the passion inside of me will NEVER die. Everything I touch is blessed, because I am blessed. And that's what keeps me blessed and humble, always seeking to do great things.

  6. Made A Way By Travis Greene. When I'm hustling it's often easy for doubt and stress to creep in - especially when it's crunch time. So I call to God, the one who already knows the plans for my life and already took care of all my worries. This faith in Gods work brings me peace and keeps me motivated to keep going, because even when I don't see a way through it - in the near future He has made a way out of it.

  7. Tunnel Vision by Kodak Black. Tunnel vision is locking in the focus. Rididng of all distractions, negativity, fear, insecurity, or anything else that's stopping us from getting to our goals, and focusing on the goal itself. If you want it bad enough, you've got to put in the work. And that drive and discipline often requires a lot of tunnel vision, to turn those dreams into reality.

  8. Baby Don't Cry (Keep Your Head Up) by 2pac & Outlawz. Sometimes things will get tough. Sometimes you will get angry, sometimes you will get sad, sometimes the things in life will make you feel hurt, but through whatever you gotta keep your head up, and keep propelling yourself. The message in the song is so much deeper than not getting what you want, it's about the struggles of life. It's a reminder to me that someone else is going through something worse than me, but they still have hope, they still haven't given up even when things got rough. Hope is what keeps the soul alive, gotta keep ya head up.

  9. Woke Up (Boss) by YFN Lucci. Wake up in the mindset that you are everything you should be and that you're growing into everything you want to be. Wake up feeling empowered, you are IT. Mindset is matter. And having a powerful mindset, can impact the outcome of how you move. When you wake up feeling like a boss, best believe you only making boss moves.

  10. My God is Big by Dasha Moore. Closing out my hustle list in praise. Sometimes I need to be reminded that God has given me these gifts. And what he is doing for me, in every area of my life, "goes beyond my wildest dreams," and the plans that he as for me are big because of his power. So whenever I feel like I'm not enough, like I don't know what to do, or whatever it may be, I remind myself there is nothing my God can't do. And everything he's taking with me is to prepare me for the breakthrough that is soon to come in my future.

Music, motivation, or whatever helps you lock in, is all good for you. Continue to use it as fuel to get you active in persuing anything you want.

Sometimes you've got to get yourself prepped for the process.

What's gets you right for the grind? Post quotes or songs in the comments below.

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