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ZUM ZUM ZUM ZUM. Hard, huffing, breaths follow the hums booming through the air. The buzzing of Kanye West’s intro to Black Skinhead fills the barrel of my living room’s speakers. The potency of this scene takes my adrenaline to a peak bringing me closer and closer to the edge of my seat. The buzzing continues, a man rushes through a eerie wooded area as he is followed by lit torches, chased by dogs thirsting after his black blood and sweat, and suddenly he collapses.​

Now that I’ve got you hooked, go watch the show!

Season 2 is expected to debut sometime in 2017.

This television series, Underground, stars Aldis Hodge as Noah, Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Rosalee, and so many other talented actors to portray the planning of an escape from their Antebellum,Georgia plantation in the late 1800’s. The series follows abolitionists eager to contribute to the cause, prejudiced men and women consumed in their beliefs, characters who battle their inner “wolves,” and slaves fueled by a fire ignited by the reality of their ghastly circumstances.

The interesting, yet pleasurable, creative choice to utilize 19th century music is incredibly intriguing. Executive producer John Legend, co-writer and executive producer Misha Green, and writer Joe Pokaski took a bold approach in creating a modern mixture of music within a period piece. The music provided not only connects with the emotions at play, but it reiterates the importance of music and song in relation to emotions, especially to the oppressed and enslaved.

Within the first few episodes, I’ve cried. I’ve cheered. I’ve grimaced. I’ve turned down the volume from being scared. I’ve practically felt every emotion that one could feel. Initially, I thought Woo…This is too much. I need to have my emotions together to watch this. But the writers and producers have worked hard to create a piece that is interesting to watch, even in spite of the painful, vivid, and vulgar images that are often created. My interests reach a new peak in every episode as the plot thickens.

As an admirer of art, this thoroughly constructed period piece is DEFINITELY worth the watch. The series demonstrates the psychological strain of slavery in the recreation of the barbarous operations that enslaved generations for centuries. This is done in a way that is not often portrayed–from the perspective of men and women on the run, lusting after and seizing their God given freedom.

So, go watch it and comment your thoughts below!

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